Trader's Unique Reference Number - used to identify an importer numerically. It is normally based on the trader's VAT registration number, with a three digit extension. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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I. turn turn 1 [tɜːn ǁ tɜːrn] noun
1. [countable] FINANCE the difference between the price at which a marketmaker will buy and sell a particular share; = SPREAD
2. [singular] if something takes a particular turn, it starts developing in a completely different way:

• Things may take a bad turn and the economic situation may deteriorate.

• The economy seems to be taking a turn for the worse (= suddenly becoming worse ) .

  [m0] II. turn turn 2 verb
turn a profit to make a profit:

• The China operation has just started turning a profit.

turn something → around also turnsomething ↔ round phrasal verb [transitive]
1. to make a business that is having difficulties successful again:

• New models and new ideas have turned the company around and saved the factory from closure.

2. to complete the process of making a product or providing a service:

• The company reduced the average time it takes to turn around a new product to 20 days.

— see also turnaround
turn down phrasal verb
1. [transitive] turn something → down to refuse an offer or request:

• He turned down a job at an investment bank.

2. [intransitive] if an economy etc turns down, the level of activity etc falls, companies become less profitable etc:

• When the economy turns down, the aerospace industry suffers too, however exciting the projects.

— see also downturn
turn something → out phrasal verb [transitive]
to produce or make a lot of a particular product:

• The factory turns out 300 units a day.

turn over something phrasal verb [transitive]
if a business turns over a particular amount of money, it makes that amount in a particular period of time:

• We were turning over $2000 a week when business was good.

— see also turnover
turn something over to somebody phrasal verb [transitive]
to give someone ownership of property, a business etc, or responsibility for doing something, so that you no longer have it:

• I'm turning the shop over to my son when I retire.

• Half of the bank's assets were turned over to government agencies.

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turn UK US /tɜːn/ verb [I or T]
to change into something or make something change into something: turn sth into sth »

These machines can turn a computer design into a 3-D prototype in minutes.


With some wise internet trading, he managed to turn $68,000 into $100,000 in three years.

to change direction, or to make something change direction: »

The first quarter could see a further decline in retail customers, though executives said they were confident the trend will turn.

turn negative/positive »

Sales are expected to turn positive in the first quarter of next year.


turn higher/lower

turn sth on its head — Cf. turn sth on its head
turn a profit — Cf. turn a profit
turn sth to your advantage — Cf. turn sth to your advantage
turn your back on sth — Cf. turn your back on sth
turn UK US /tɜːn/ noun
[S] FINANCE, ECONOMICS a change in the way something such as prices, rates, or the economy is behaving: »

It is too early to know whether the economy has reached a turn in the cycle.

take a turn for the better/worse »

Media stocks took a turn for the better.

bad/downward/upward turn »

The figures have taken a downward turn.

[C] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the profit from an investment: »

The shares were picked up by investors looking to make a quick turn on their money.

[C] STOCK MARKET, FINANCE the difference between a trader’s buying price and selling price for particular shares, currencies, etc.
See also SPREAD(Cf. ↑spread) noun

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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